Front of four white buses parked up next to each other

Fleet Insurance

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Front of four white buses parked up next to each other

What is Fleet Insurance?

Regardless of the purpose of your vehicles, your location, or the size of your bus, coach or minibus fleet, we have the expertise to arrange the most suitable insurance cover to safeguard your vehicles, drivers, and passengers.

This policy type is designed for personal and business use, where you own or manage a group of vehicles under one policy. Having Coach and Bus Fleet Insurance, offers specialist cover for different kinds of usage, such as sports clubs, tours, educational and school trips, charity and community work.

When owning or managing a fleet, you have the option to include additional extras such as accidental damage, breakdown cover, and windscreen damage in your fleet insurance policy to enhance the security and safety of your group of vehicles.

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Who might need Fleet Insurance?

Having Fleet Insurance for your buses, coaches or minibusses can be highly beneficial whether the vehicles are being used for personal use or commercial use.

We can also offer Fleet Insurance to a wide range of industries across the UK. These can include: Coach hire companies, bus operators, minibusses for schools, minibusses for sports clubs, travel providers, tour operators, taxi hires and many more.

Close up of side of white buses parked up

Why might you need Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance offers convenience and cost-effectiveness while insuring your group of vehicles. Instead of insuring each vehicle (bus coach or minibus) individually, on a single policy, Fleet Insurance allows you to cover all the vehicles within your fleet under one policy. It is also easier to keep track of as you could have just one renewal date and one policy to worry about, ensuring that your cover is always up to date.

No matter the size or complexity of your bus, coach or minibus fleet, our insurance options can cover any mixed vehicle schedule. From small family-run businesses to large fleet operators, we aim to provide comprehensive cover tailored to your specific needs.