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Minibus Insurance

Minibus Insurance at competitive rates. Call us now and see how much you can save.

What is Minibus Insurance?

If you own a vehicle with 9-16 seats, you should consider having Minibus Insurance to protect and safeguard yourself or your commercial business in the face of unexpected events or threats.

Minibuses are an effective way of transportation and can be used in a huge variety of circumstances and for multiple events. For example they may operate in schools, clubs, sports teams, charities, nursing homes, taxis or even a family's private vehicle. We can provide a quote for your Minibus Insurance for Private Hire or Public Hire.

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Why might you need Minibus Insurance?

Minibus Insurance can be vital to the smooth running and operations of your minibus business or even the operations to your. Having the ability to transport a large number of people at once makes it crucial to have the appropriate insurance coverage in place, as being held responsible for damages to your vehicles, third-party vehicles, and passengers would be undesirable. Minibus Insurance provides cover for a range of risks associated with operating a minibus, including accidents, theft and damages.
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Who might need Minibus Insurance?

At Coachline, we can help to offer competitive quotes for specialist minibus cover, whether you are based here on our doorstep in Stafford, Staffordshire or further across the West Midlands and UK.
Minibus Insurance can be beneficial for many types of businesses, organisations or individuals that could benefit by attaining Minibus Insurance. These could include: airport services & transfers, charity companies, church organisations, nursing homes, health/welfare organisations, local authorities, private and public Hire and schools/school sports clubs.
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Breakdown Cover

Here at Coachline, we can offer Breakdown Cover for minibuses that accommodate 9-16 passengers. Minibus breakdown cover provides protection for minibuses and businesess that experience unexpected mechanical breakdowns while in operation. 

Our options include various providers offering optional Breakdown cover, comprehensive cover, and stand-alone breakdown products.